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  • Sprain? Strain? It's All A Pain!

    22 JUN

    Ankle sprain

    While temporarily sidelined with a running related ankle sprain, I have been surprised by some questions asked by fellow runners, writes runABC South reporter Alan Newman. It has quickly become clear that there is scant knowledge out there regarding common running injuries.

  • Making Hay While The Sun Shines

    21 JUN

    Kent 50 Mile Endurance Run medal

    What is happening to this year? Surely we cannot have reached the longest day already? Today (Thursday, 21 June) is Summer Solstice and marks the astronomical first day of summer, so we thought we would take a look at how you might spend your time before the days get shorter.

  • Feet So Fast They NEVERLAND!

    20 JUN

    Kew Gardens 10K T-shirt

    If there was a running award for the corniest race T-shirt design then the 2018 Kew Gardens 10K freebie would certainly be a contender! Inspired by this year's Peter Pan dressing, race organisers Tom and Jade have punned their way to the top of the pile with their Neverland themed NIKE technical garment.

  • Eastleigh Is Beastly No More

    19 JUN

    Eastleigh 10K start 2018

    After the so called 'Beast from the East' scuppered the original Hendy Eastleigh 10K in March, the postponed event went ahead on Sunday (17 June) with a magnificent 2,111 finishers on the fast course that organisers describe as 'the home of the PB'.

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