20 Feb

Lets Go Retro

Retro Run clothing ideas

30 years ago acid-washed and ripped jeans and denim jackets were all the rage. Hawaiian shirts were finally acceptable outside of Hawaii and as for fashionable trainers, we were between the ground breaking Nike Air Max and Reebok's revolutionary Pump shoes.

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16 Feb

Henry VIII Says:

Hampton Court Half characters

"Make mine a half". Which could well be the catchphrase for this weekend's fixtures in the south as the 13.1 mile race takes centre stage in the build-up towards the spring marathon season. We take a look at five excellent examples of the increasingly popular half marathon as listed in our runABC South race calendar.

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13 Feb

Alex Shows Mercer Surrey Half Spirit

Surrey Half Marathon - Alex

If only he had put a bit more effort in! Our photo star is Alex Callaby, who strained every sinew to finish 2,277th in last year's Mercer Surrey Half Marathon (2:00:04 chip time). We don't know if Alex is back to smash through the two hour barrier this year but if you want to sample the special atmosphere of this race you need to deploy some fast twitch fibres yourself and enter NOW.

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