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7 Oct

My Running Blog

Laura FountainMeet’s Laura Fountain. Laura is a qualified run leader and reformed couch potato. From humble lazy blogger beginnings in 2008, she has gone on to run eight marathons as well as an ultra marathon and triathlon, and has her own podcast and two books published. runABC found out more about her blogging life …

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16 Sep

In The Hoof Prints Of Ghengis Khan…

Shona ThomsonRegular contributor, Shona Thomson, is preparing for an expedition to Mongolia in January 2016 to help raise funds for Riding for the Disabled (RDA) West and Central Scotland and the Scottish Association of Mental Health (SAMH). The adventure will see Shona run the inaugural Ghengis Khan Ice Marathon along the River Tuul in minus 40 degrees Celsius with a handful of other runners including Doctor Andrew Murray. We caught up with Shona to find out a little bit more about the expedition.

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2 Sep

Video of the Week - Winter Run

Summer may barely be over but we're already looking ahead to winter with our video of the week. Cancer Research UK Winter Run Series – the world's first winter themed 10k running series – takes place this year, with events in Liverpool, London, and Manchester. Check out the video to whet your appetite.

26 Aug

Steeled For Action

Gemma SteelShe might be an internationally-acclaimed runner, but European Cross Country Champion Gemma Steel is anything but the archetypal elite athlete. Unlike nearly every other top runner, she is as reluctant to race on the track as even the most standard of joggers. 

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17 Aug

Doping Cannot Rock Ordinary Runners

Marathon runners

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the media frenzy of it all. The recent doping allegations against athletics – particularly the IAAF, the sport’s world authority – can be depressing, if you allow them to be. “Scandal”, “shameful”, “disgrace” – dramatic words from the likes of the Sunday Times that scream for your attention. And of course, they succeed.

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