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5 Apr

Running Away From Home

Paris Marathon

For runners who enjoy travelling, the appeal of taking part in an international event is obvious. But when it comes to figuring out transport and accommodation – not to mention acclimatising to a new country and overcoming the language barrier – many can be put off. Here are some tips from runners who’ve previously ventured overseas for an event…

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22 Feb

Be Charmed In Ireland

Irish MountainsDespite its close proximity to mainland UK, Ireland is one of those countries that Brits all too often overlook in favour of more ‘continental’ or exotic holiday destinations. But the Emerald Isle has much to offer and plenty that will satisfy a runner’s wanderlust.

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1 Feb

Stepping Up

LucjaMaybe it was a touch of Januaryitis? You know, that common affliction every New Year where you set overly-lofty ambitions for the year? Often, they are unattainable goals.

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