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Clubs are a great way to take your running to the next level and to meet new people.

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Hedge End Runners

Happy birthday, Hedgies! So how were you conceived? Two main driving forces; one - lots of Netley parkrunners were looking to develop in a club setting, plus there was a gap in the Hedge End, West End, Botley area of Southampton.

Home sweet home? We were lucky to find a nice local base at Wildern Leisure Centre.

Influential members? Karen Andrews is a motivational ladies captain, and Berni Dutton is an enthusiastic training director.

The Big Sessions? Tuesdays - intervals; Thursdays - steady run; Sunday - long run.

How do you spice it up? Recently we had a ‘Miles for Mind’ relay to support the club charity. Tough - we had to race a couple of speedy miles - but great fun. Tony McGinnes impressed with his metronomic pace, and Bernie wasn’t taking any nonsense from a bollard that refused to budge!

Highlights of the year? The Marwell Wildlife 10K in May summed up what the club was all about - members rallied round to marshal and ensure 1,400 plus entrants had a great race. And the kids enjoyed a fun run, going to the zoo and a post-race picnic.

Tell us more about food? The social side of the club has been great and we all loved the summer BBQs at Manor Farm Country Park.

Most popular member? Has to be Sheryl James - nothing to do with her ability or dedication and everything to do with the spectacular cupcakes she brings along on special occasions.

HEdge End SweatshirtAny running between the BBQs and the cupcakes? Ah! em...  The club did compete in the Hampshire Road Race 10 with Karen Andrews and Stephen Kivlochan, our top performers. We also paid our way helping to organise the Manor Park event in June.

And... We’re signed up for the Hampshire  Road Race League and the Southern Cross Country League over the winter.

What about the club championship? We’ve given that idea a bit of a twist and called it the Pentathlon. 7 distances from 1 mile to marathon - your 5 best count and earn you points. Most points and you win the gold medal!

Best place visited? The Hedgies loved their trip to scenic Wilverley in the New Forest for a RR 10 leg. And we saw the ponies!

Members in the news? Well, Carol Sergeant never has an uneventful race. She battled to glory at Edinburgh Marathon and had a great run at the Royal Parks Half Marathon despite losing her husband en route.

Mr & Mrs? We do have have a few couples at the club - the Trendalls, Smiths, Davies, Hoskins, Cookes, Ramptons, Kivlochans, Heslops, Sinclairs etc - and that can lead to some interesting situations.

So what about the birthday party? We stayed traditional for that one and had big blow out at Posh Spices Indian restaurant in Southampton. Oh! sorry we’re talking about food again!


Interview featured in Southern Running Guide Winter 2013/2014