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Salisbury 54321

Longford CastleThe Salisbury 54321, is a true MT/Trail Running Festival in Wessex, with four classic running and six walking routes to choose from, including a 50k Ultra, 42k Marathon, 33k, 21k Half Marathon, with supporting 5k & 10k walk options.

These are scenic courses and according to Running Fitness Magazine, one is in the top five most scenic UK races to do in 2016. They are extremely good value for money, well organised and good facilities out of Salisbury Fire Station. Last year organisers saw over 1,300 entries.

As a multi-terrain race, you will enjoy quiet country roads, park lands, river paths, famous yew forests and historic places. As you circle the medieval city of Salisbury (New Sarum), count yourself down over its five rivers, four hills, three large country estates, past two castles and one famous cathedral (featuring England's highest spire).

With careful spacing between start times, runners and walkers can enjoy shared routes without problems. And with an abundance of well supported check points, water and some feed stations, this is a perfect start for many trying the longer distance trails.
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Book early to secure the £22 (£20 club) rate (only £10 to walk) as there are no running entries on the day with the event sold out last year. All finishers will receive a handsome medal. Find out more at the event website.