1 Apr

24 Hour Race Awaits Sichel

William Sichel in training

The Freedom Leisure British Ultrafest in Crawley will be the site for William Sichel’s next endurance challenge. Organised over the course of this weekend (1 & 2 April), the event will see Sichel run for 24 hours on the 400 metre all-weather track near Gatwick Airport. 

William’s 24 hour race will start at 12 noon and has 33 entrants – the event is central to his preparations for the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race in New York on 18 June.

On the significance of the upcoming run at Crawley, Sichel commented: “The 24 hour event remains one of the hardest races to get right and run well and makes for a great test at this time in my preparations. I will get tested mentally and physically and it will be a good long run for me.”

Following the race, Sichel will jet off to Lanzarote for 10 days of warm weather training: “Being able to run well in heat is a huge part of my preparations for the 3100 mile race which runs right through the New York summer, with runners having to battle daily temperatures of 30-35°C plus high humidity.”