16 Dec

Daughter Inspires Mum To Take Bath Plunge

Natasha and Phoebe

A mother who pulled out of running the 2013 Bath Half Marathon after discovering she was pregnant will run next year’s race to raise money for a charity that supports children with an unusual condition that her child was born with. Natasha Hutchins, 27 of Newbury will be running in the March event for Reach; a charity who supported Natasha and her daughter Phoebe when she was born with symbrachydactyly, a condition where she has no fingers on one hand.

Natasha said: “In 2011 a friend of mine persuaded me to start running as she wanted a jogging partner. We signed up to take part in last year’s Bath Half Marathon in March, but a few months before the race, I found out I would be having Phoebe and decided to opt out. Ever since then I have been running on and off - it was either running or pizza!”

This year Natasha is back running and has pledged to run the Vitality Bath Half Marathon for family-run charity, Reach.  When Phoebe was born, Natasha noticed that she had developed with no fingers on one hand and later discovered that she had been born with an upper arm deficiency. Natasha commented: “I had a completely normal pregnancy, so when I went into labour I was just hoping that everything went well. Phoebe was born crying and healthy however her father noticed that her hand didn’t quite look right, when he brought her to me I noticed it too.

“I will admit that my heart sank and a huge instant wave of guilt washed over me, I felt as thought I had been given the most important job in the world and I had let her down by letting something happen to her. Later that evening the paediatrician came to see us and checked her over and said that it’s just one of those things, I felt a little better.  When they said that it was the only thing wrong with her I decided to just concentrate on being grateful that she is healthy, and things could be a lot worse.”

Reach are a charity ran by families who have children with varying degrees of upper arm deficiency. The charity aims to support and offer advice to new parents and help them to get the support and care that their child may need.

Natasha added: “Currently I’m running two to three times a week, I’ll start upping my distance soon to work on my stamina ready for the race. This will be my first ever running event so I’m a little nervous but my goal is to complete the race and to raise money and awareness of children who suffer from upper arm deficiency.”

The Vitality Bath Half Marathon - which will see its 34th year in 2015 - will take place on Sunday 1 March 2015. It is part of the Vitality Run Series, a new national series of eight leading UK road races. The event  starts and finishes on Great Pulteney Street, taking runners on a fast, flat course which straddles both sides of the river Avon taking participants on a tour of the picturesque city. The two lap course is perfect for both those new to running or experienced runners who are chasing a new PB.

Entries are still open. For more information, running tips and race day guidance please visit the event website.