17 Oct

Man Sheds 10 Stone For 5K

Tim May before and after

A 46-year-old man from Milton Keynes who has shed over 10 stone in little over a year is set to take part in his first ever 5k race this weekend.

Tim May of Bletchey weighed over 25 stome last summer, but has since lost 10st 5lb having undertaken a new fitness regime after suffering from years of ill health and obesity. He is now looking forwards to this Sunday’s Big Fun Run, taking place in Willen Park, Milton Keynes. “This time last year I could hardly walk 50 metres never mind run 5k,” he admits. “Now I go to the gym three times a week, I do weights and I swim too. Running 5k shouldn’t be a problem now.”

A history of family heart problems and his own health scare caused Tim to change his ways. “I have been a long term diabetic and have been fighting my weight for many years. I would lose a few stone then put it on again. I have a strong family history of heart problems with my dad having his first heart attack aged 42 and both his father and grandfather died of a heart attack aged 43. In December 2011, I too suffered a heart attack aged 43.

“Afterwards my weight increased to its highest level of 25st 2lb. It was at this time that I was offered a gastric bypass which was carried out at St. Mary's Hospital London on in July 2013. Since this time I have been worked excessively hard at the gym to improve my weight loss and increase my fitness.”

Tim was also motivated by a cause he cares for, raising funds at the Milton Keynes Big Fun Run for Kanlungan, a charity that works to improve the lives of street children in the Philippines.

Just 15 months on from his operation, the new, slim Tim will step on the startline this weekend. “Since my surgery I have lost over 10st to reach a weight of 15st. This along with all the training has enabled me to reach a point where I can tun 5k.”

Beyond Sunday’s race, Tim is looking ahead to more challenges. “I then aim to do a 10k run in the spring of 2015 where I aim to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.”

The Big Fun Runs are 5k untimed runs staged within scenic settings throughout the UK from July to October 2014. There are 17 locations to choose from. The Big Fun Runs help raise funds for over 50 partner charities.