10 Jan

Doddlers Fund Defibrillator At Blandford parkrun

the presentation of the Blandford parkrun defibrillator

Blandford parkrun now has its own defibrillator thanks to a donation from local club, the Dorset Doddlers. The life saving equipment, used to restart the heart after a cardiac arrest, was donated with funds raised by the Doddlers, including from their popular races, Stur Half Marathon and The Stickler.

A number of regular volunteers have been trained in the use of the defibrillator and its availability at Blandford comes at a time when numerous parkruns around the country are acquiring or looking to acquire this important piece of equipment.

One parkrun regular Kevin Crabbe commented: "A big thank you to the Dorset Doddlers, fingers crossed it is a bit of kit that stays in its box."

Blandford parkrun was established in 2014 and now attracts 150 plus each week (including a regular contingent of Dorset Doddlers) for the free timed Saturday morning 5k along the Trailway route. Details at the event website.

Dorset Doddlers offer weekly training sessions from both Blandford and Sturminster, details can be found at the club website.

Image shows Doddlers chair John Cowley handing over the defibrillator to parkrun organisers