6 Oct

Boston Qualifying Under Review

Boston MarathonWith almost 2,000 time qualifiers unable to enter this year’s race, organisers of the Boston Marathon have admitted they will review the registration procedure for 2016, with many runners left unable to enter despite matching the necessary standard.

The figure arrives as something of a surprise considering the fact the 2015 event increased its qualifying quota to keep up with the number of applicants for last year’s race. Not since 1996, when the marathon celebrating its 100th staging, has the number of qualifying entries been so high.

The massive upturn in interest has meant that demand has far outweighed space for the 30,000-runner field. BAA Executive Director Tom Grilk said organisers weren’t anticipating such a demand: "What we did not know until this month was the level of interest among qualifiers for 2015. We will now work to analyze trends in the sport to follow the participation of marathoners, especially those who achieve our qualifying times."

On the event’s continuing popularity, Grilk added: “We have a sense that the visibility of the 2014 race, combined with the support from the sport and other marathons, has led to increased interest in runners wishing to run Boston."

For more information on qualifying times and registration, visit the Boston Marathon website.