16 Jan

Breast Cancer Now

happy runner in bright Breast Cancer Now colours

Happy runner in bright Breast Cancer Now colours

Join Team Now!

General entry might be closed for the Brighton Marathon 2018, but you can still get a place running 26 miles along this scenic coastal route with a charity place from Breast Cancer Now. You’ll stand out in the crowd in our pink technical running top. we’ll be there cheering you on at the loudest cheer points along the way. And you’ll have the personal support of our Challenge Events Team here at Breast Cancer Now HQ, with access to our exclusive online training zone too.

No matter which race you join in 2018 – the Brighton Marathon, Big Half or Vitality 10,000 – you’ll be joining Breast Cancer Now in the race to stop breast cancer taking lives.

As the largest breast cancer research charity in the UK, created in 2015 with the merger of Breast Cancer Campaign and Breast Cancer Breakthrough, we are putting a deadline on a disease that has put a deadline on too many lives for too long. If we all act now, we believe by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live.

The key to making that vision a reality, is research. That’s why we’re funding 450 scientists in over 90 cutting edge research projects, all working to find new ways to detect, prevent and save lives from breast cancer. All you need to do to help that happen, is run.  

Tom and Chris Harden have been running to raise money for breast cancer research since losing their mum to the disease in 2007. Here’s why Chris and his brother will continue to run for Breast Cancer Now and why they think you should join them.
“Tom and I are 100% committed to finding ways to stop breast cancer. The strength and bravery that our mum showed was so inspirational to Tom and me through our childhood and these traits still live on in us today.
“We take on these running challenges to try and do what we believe our mum would have wanted us to do and that would not have been to take a backward step and be beaten by the sad times. She would have wanted us to get back up, brush ourselves down and realise that there are people who are still suffering from the impacts of this disease that we can help.

“So far we’ve raised nearly £10,000 to fund breast cancer research and the charity has always been extremely supportive and encouraging. Tom and I have the cause and memories we are running for that will mean we never stop running!”

So join Tom and Chris, and join #TeamNow! With every stride you’ll be bringing us closer to a day where breast cancer has taken its last life.

Find out how to be part of the #TeamNow action in 2018 at the Breast Cancer Now website.