14 Dec

Now Men Can Be Brutal Too

Male BrutaleersIf purely natural obstacles, plenty of mud and hills, and battling the elements is your thing but you would rather share the experience with your own gender you can become a Brutaleer at Eelmoor, near Aldershot on Saturday, 28 January 2017. Brutal Run Eelmoor was launched in 2015 as a women only event but the clamour from male supporters was such that a separate men's race was added last year. The new format was an instant success and now men can be Eelmoor Brutaleers too!

The latest edition of this popular series will see the women race in the morning and the men in the afternoon. No excuses regarding the state of the course for the second race will be entertained purely to satisfy the ego of the slower men!

Competitors can expect extremely testing conditions on either the 5k or 10k courses across rough army land with water wades, steep hills and mud galore as loved by regular Brutaleers. Both courses will provide an exciting challenge for runners of all abilities and you can compete on your own and try to complete the course as quickly as possible or organise a team and enjoy the fun together.

Entry fees of 10k - £21, 5k - £12 include free parking, a great gender specific finisher's medal, a fantastic group warm up and the best route marking you’ve ever seen. As previous competitor Claire said: “Fantastic race today. Definitely the best I’ve run. Even the ice cold water didn't hamper a fab event! Well done.”

Full details are available at the Brutal Run website. Also on Twitter and Facebook.

Image courtesy Brutal Run and Sussex Sports Photography.