17 Jun

Calling All Rogis

Roga classVeggie Runners, the award-winning food and fitness bloggers, are hosting a training class for potential Roga instructors. Known as a unique workout that combines running and yoga in perfect sync, Roga is emerging as a popular form of exercise and a perfect way for runners to prevent injury from over-training.

The class, organised for Saturday 25 June at Yoga Hero at The Boulevard Leeds Dock, is specifically tailored for runners who are qualified as either a UK Athletics Leader in Running Fitness or as an UK Athletics Coaching Assistant.

Spread over one full day of training, the class will lead, if all criteria are met, to an official Roga qualification certification and the opportunity to become one of the UK’s first Roga instructors.

Roga is a fully integrated workout that focuses on different themes each session – such as core strength, agility, balance, breathing and endurance. Each workout includes fitness drills complemented by a structured yoga workout, and is said to leave Rogis fitter, more flexible and stronger in body and soul.

For a full breakdown of what the day entails, visit the event website here.