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  • The National Festival of Running launches in 2019

    5 Oct 2018

    A new three-day National Festival of Running is planned for June 2019 at Weston Park in Shropshire. Races include half marathon, 10k and 5k.

  • Michael Shelley and Charlotte Purdue line-up at Richmond Runfest 2018

    5 Sep 2018

    Michael Shelley and Charlotte Purdue are set to run in the 10k at Richmond Runfest 2018

  • Just 10K Left At Snowdonia

    4 Jan 2017

    Entries from across the globe means that only the 10k distance at this summer’s SCOTT Snowdonia Trail Marathon has places available.

  • Still Room At Snowdonia

    24 Nov 2016

    nother swift sell-out for the Scott Snowdonia Trail Marathon but spaces are still available for the 10k and half marathon distances

  • Funky Phil Wins Poole Festival 10K

    10 Jun 2016

    Poole Festival Of Running 2016 Report

  • The Big Cheese

    3 Jun 2016

    Gloucester Cheese Rolling Report 2016

  • Steve Edwards To Run 700th Marathon At Bournemouth

    27 Aug 2015

    Steve Edwards to run his 700th marathon at Bournemouth Marathon Festival

  • New Fitness Festival

    21 Jul 2015

    A new fitness festival is set to launch in Surrey with running events included.

  • Gone With The Wind

    1 Jun 2015

    RunFast pair Peter Wanjuri and Joan Kigen finished first at Edinburgh Marathon 2015 and ran good races despite windy conditions

  • Mars Lands At Windsor Running Festival

    16 Feb 2015

    Confectionary brand, Mars Chocolate will sponsor the 2015 Windsor Running Festival (The Running4Women Windsor 10K/Windsor Half Marathon) on Saturday 26 September/Sunday 27 September.

  • Go For Glow-ry

    1 Aug 2014

    Organisers are expecting another sell-out entry for the Speed of Light 5K at Bournemouth Marathon Festival on Saturday 4 October.

  • Big Northants Summer Weekend

    8 Jan 2014

    Just Racing UK has launched a new milt-sports event called the Nucleus set for 27-29 June at Boughton House in Northamptonshire.

  • London Refugees Get MK Invite

    27 Oct 2013

    Organisers of Milton Keynes Marathon 2014 have invited runners rejected for the next year's London Marathon to sign up for their event, billed as the 'Green marathon'.

  • In The Nick Of Time At Bournemouth

    7 Oct 2013

    A highlight of the inaugural Bournemouth Marathon Festival (Saturday 5 October and Sunday 6 October) was Nick Hitchings completing the four adult races and running a total of 48 miles. The 44-year-old ran the half and the full marathon on Sunday and also

  • Challenge In Kingston

    20 Sep 2013

    South West London is set to host the Garmin Kingston Challenge over a variety of distances next month.

  • Richmond Festival Gets Farah Backing

    30 Aug 2013

    Mo Farah recently launched the Richmond Running Festival.

  • Light Fantastic At Bournemouth Marathon Festival

    3 Aug 2013

    Organisers are planning a dramatic conclusion to day one of the Bournemouth Marathon festival (5/6 October) with the spectacular Speed of Light 5K

  • Pupil Power To Boost Bournemouth Marathon Festival

    16 Jul 2013

    Pupils at 78 local schools have been invited to take part in the 1.5k and 3k junior races at Bournemouth Marathon Festival on 5/6 October.

  • Speed Of Light Hits Japan

    11 Nov 2012

    After successfully running at the Edinburgh Fringe, NVA event Speed of Light headed to Japan for its international debut.

  • B Is For?

    29 Oct 2012

    GSi Events is building interest in a new running festival somewhere in the UK by asking runners to speculate where the event might be.