5 Nov

Club Entries Open At London Marathon

Virgin London MarathonClubs affiliated to England Athletics are now able to apply for their allotted entries to the 2015 Virgin London Marathon. The number of entries attributed to each club is dependent on how many first claim members, over the age of 18, are registered with England Athletics.

For each club to claim the maximum number they are entitled to, the club secretary must apply directly to the Virgin London Marathon before 5pm on Friday 5 December. If successful they will be sent a username and password to register their club runners into the event.

Virgin London Marathon also includes the England Athletics Marathon Championships, those who have achieved the qualifying performance can also apply. The current championship qualifying performance times are, for men, sub 2.45 (full) and sub 1.15 (half), and for women, sub 3.15 and 1.30. Runners will need to submit their application form by Friday 9 January 2015.

For more information on both of these, visit the England Athletics website.

If you've already run a full marathon in a particularly fast time, you might qualify for an automatic 'good for age' entry into the Virgin Money London Marathon.  Details at Virgin London Marathon website.