18 Mar

Commuters Given Red Card

Home Run's red card

Organisers behind Home Run, the London commuter-targeted running scheme, cheekily handed out red cards to Tube users last Thursday (March 15). The innovative scheme is designed to allow commuters to run home from work rather than use motorised transport on the city's already-congested network. The group gave out the red cards at several Tube stations this week, encouraging commuters to ditch the over-crowded carriages and be part of the solution and not the problem.

Home Run officially launched this week over several routes. Runners meet a team leader at one of several designated commuter routes in their training gear. They then drop their baggage in the custom-made cargo bikes that track the run, run to the end of the route - termed your home station - collect their baggage and head home. To find out more about the routes and how to get involved, visit www.homerunlondon.com