27 Jan

Dawn’s Smile Captures Joy Of Running

Dawn NesbitThere’s a point that many runners reach when they begin to sweat over splits, race pace and securing a shiny PB and this can overshadow how much joy we first received from the sport, the sense of achievement that comes when we clock up a few miles, irrespective of finishing time. 

A welcome reminder of this was captured at a recent Oldham parkrun, as Dawn Nisbet, crossing the line far back from the rest of the field, illustrated the unbridled sense of satisfaction, and inspiration, that running can bring.

Dawn initially felt the picture, which has since gone viral and featured on BBC news, was 'embarrassing', as she explains: "When I looked at it I saw a very sweaty, very tired person... I'm a big girl, there are lots of jiggly bits in that picture."

On reflecting upon the image and after receiving numerous messages of support, Dawn, who had been inactive for around 17 years, believed it to show her 'sense of achievement' and has been delighted that it has 'touched lots of people's hearts.'

Prior to taking up running, Dawn said she had suffered from a lack of confidence and self-limiting beliefs. parkrun, and running in general, has brought her to encourage others to take up the sport and to 'stop letting what other people think of you stand in the way of  what you want to do'.

Image courtesy Femmesports.com