19 Jul

Digital Distances

Woman runner

A new 'virtual race' for women has been launched by Running4Women, the popular online resource for female runners. The #VirtualRun Race Series requires entrants to sign up to run a specific, timed distance without having to go to an actual race location.

The concept is aimed at runners who don't have the time to join an organised event or have difficulty travelling to races. Virtual racing allows runners to compete against themselves and other members of the #Virtualrun Race Series throughout the year, with no age or location resictions. Participants can take part outdoors, on a treadmill, with friends or on their own.

Joanne Tranter from Running4Women said: "We are very excited to launch the #VirtualRun Race Series. The series opens up lots of new opportunities and challenges that can easily be built and incorporated in any runner's training and race routine. Entry to the #VirtualRun Race Series is free and participants even receive a race pack with a #virtualrun bib number and a finisher's certificate, making sure it is the complete race experience. There are also extra prizes up for grabs for the best photos and tweets."

The #VirtualRun Race Series distances include 1K, 5K and 10K races, and runners must complete all three distances to get an aggregate time on the race series leaderboard and to receive a finisher's certificate. Runs can be logged until midnight, 31 August 2013. Runners can run where and when they want and complete the race series distances as many times as they like until they are happy with their final time.

For more information, visit the Running4Women website.