12 May

This Man Runs On (Frozen) Water

Dwayne Dawson in North Pole Marathon action

Serving RAF Reservist Dwayne Dawson, from Walton-on-Thames, has completed a freezing marathon at the North Pole for charity, with one of the more unusual risks being his body freezing solid as he sweated! Dwayne was competing in the North Pole Marathon at the Barneo Ice Camp to raise funds for SSAFA – the Armed Forces Charity.

North Pole Marathon, also known as the World's Coolest Marathon, has been held annually since race director Richard Donovan completed the first 26.2-mile event solo on 5 April 2002. This was the 15th race to be held in one of the remotest and most inhospitable parts of the planet. To date, nearly 500 people from more than 50 nations have completed the course.
The run involves battling hard-pack ice, ice-capped snow, deep snow drifts and ice ridges. The terrain was made all the more unusual by the fact that the sun never sets, meaning that night running was done in total light, although temperatures dropped to -43°C. The race is run on Arctic ice floes, with 6 to 12 feet separating you from 12,000 feet of Arctic Ocean. 
After completing the marathon in around nine hours, Dwayne planted the SSAFA flag into the North Pole itself; a moment of great personal pride having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dwayne has seen first-hand how the charity helps the Armed Forces community. 
SSAFA provides vital support for members of the Forces, past and present, and their families when in need. From helping those coming to terms with life changing injuries or having lost a loved one in battle, to providing care for elderly veterans, SSAFA works tirelessly to provide help and support for all members of the military family. 
This year's winner was Polish runner Piotr Suchenia in 4:06:34  seconds, while Frederique Laurent from France triumphed in the women's race (6:21:03).
To support Dwayne’s cause head to his Just Giving page. For details of North Pole Marathon visit the website here
Image of Dwayne Dawson in North Pole Marathon supplied by SSAFA Media Team