5 Feb

Ealing Training Groups Thrive

Southall Runners

Organisers of the award-winning Ealing Half Marathon, have set up a new group in Southall that aims to get more people running.

The Southall Running Club was started in 2014 and continues to grow. Meeting twice a week, the Southall Running Club is looking to promote the benefits of running to the wider Southall community. The sessions are free and are designed to focus mainly on complete beginners.

“The weekly coached sessions have made me enjoy running.  It’s a fun environment which has encouraged me to get out every week and has improved my health immensely” said Jags Sanghera.

Anu Johal agrees: “The fact that I am now even contemplating running a 5k and a 10k and potentially a half marathon is amazing.  Running in a group makes such a difference.”

The sessions have been set up by in conjunction with Sport England and the London Borough of Ealing. The group meets twice a week - every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm at Spikes Bridge Park and every Thursday morning at 7:30am in Southall Park.  The intention is to grow this via training more local leaders to lead groups.

“We would love to get more people in Southall running.  The aim is to progress to eventually running a 5k and with the Northala parkrun nearby there’s the opportunity to run a free weekly 5k in a great community environment.

“Once people run parkrun they are hooked and we actively encourage them to do so.  The Ealing Eagles beginner group has probably welcomed 500 beginners to running in Central Ealing since commencing in January 2012 - we’d love to help achieve the same in Southall over the coming years”, added Kelvin Walker, Coach.

If you would like to join in contact running@ealinghalfmarathon.com for more details.