23 Apr

Record Rush For London Marathon Ballot

London Marathon runners

It was a chaotic early morning on the keyboards as the ballot for the Virgin Money London Marathon took place yesterday (Tuesday 22 April).

This year's rush for places was so great that the ballot closed At 9:50am, after opening at midnight. It is a record for the event which continues to attract over 100,000 applicants for just 10,000 balloted places.

Those who have been fortunate enough to have been drawn out of the hat will hear in October. The rest may have to opt for a charity place.


  1. Paul said...

    opening at midnight was am absolute f**king joke. Those that could not get to a computer until work lost out. I was in a meerting until 10:00/ The origanisers need to treat the competitors as people not idiots. The whole system is rubbish, 10,000 ballot places for 100,000 people is crap. Far too many charity places. We should get a place and then choose to decide to run for a charity. Its simply greed. I for one will never again be entering this stupid ballot. Spoke to someone on the MDS who has got 5 ballot places in 6 years. How does that work! Its wrong and until they sort the stupid system out I shall be running better organised Marathons. absolute joke.

  2. Rob said...

    Why does it take them until October to tell you if you've been successful?

  3. andyrogers said...

    There are plenty more Marathons- and the others are real 26.2 milers, believe me.
    I'm proud to say I've never done the London Jog with the great unfit, it can work out a lot easier and nearly as cheap to rock up to one of the 'international' or 'classic' marathons.
    As one who was quick enough and fit enough to qualify, I am non the worse for avoiding this farcical event, best watched on TV after a twenty miler and a bacon bap. Do not waste energy bleating, go and enjoy the Isle of Wight or Snowdon, or Rotterdam, Athens, Jamaica or Boston with a cracking holiday. A marathon may not be, but life is certainly too short.