17 Oct

Marathon Challenge Starts

World Marathon Challenge logo

This week thousands of people worldwide will be taking part in the World Marathon Challenge to raise money for Save the Children. Organisers are hoping to raise £70,000 to help stop children dying in the world's poorest countries. The event runs from 16-23 October with teams from 40 countries where they will attempt to cover the marathon distance over a relay format.

The marathon distance is divided into 200m sections and teams of 26-36 runners take part with each person completing up to nine sections each. Primary school teams are recommended to enter the 1500m challenge instead. On the event's final day, a simultaneous challenge will take place with teams from all over the world trying to finish the challenge as quick as possible to top the international leaderboard.

European indoor 800m gold medallist Jenny Meadows is set to take part in the Manchester event. She said: "It's a really fun event and the money raised will help children worldwide, which is especially important to me. What's so amazing is that through the simple task of running in this event, young people can stop and think about the huge variety of problems - including the fight to survive every day - that is faced by their less fortunate peers around the world. I'm really looking forward to the day and to meeting all those taking part."

To find out more visit the official website.