6 Apr

Marathon Partnership Inspires Kids To Run Free

Children celebrate their achievements at Kids' Marathon charity programmeKids Run Free, the UK charity on a mission to get children fit and active by challenging them to run a marathon throughout the academic year, is now being supported by London Marathon Events Ltd.

Since its beginnings in 2013, Kids’ Marathon has progressed with 40 schools in the Midlands now benefitting from this affordable and achievable programme.
The organisers of the Virgin London Marathon, London Marathon Events Ltd are financially supporting further development and helping the charity to launch a programme in 30 schools in London. This will complement the 2016/17 promotion in the rest of the UK. In addition, Kids Run Free has commissioned a team from the respected School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University  to conduct research into the programme. Results will be published in 2017. 
There has been positive feedback from schools about Kids’ Marathon who have praised the organisation and support; culminating in a Festival of Running with certificates awarded to all and medals for those children who complete the marathon distance. “It is easy to organise and run, and it’s great to see the children’s enjoyment and the sense of achievement at the end of the year”, said Jason Henderson, head teacher at Provost Williams Primary School in Coventry.      
Kids Run Free aims to engage the support of parents, teachers and education providers across the UK, helping to ignite a lifelong passion for sport and physical activity. 
For more information about the programme visit the Kids Run Free website. 

Photo courtesy of Lids Run Free.