21 Mar

New Group For Blind Runners

Blind runner and guide

A new running group for blind and visually impaired runners has been set up in the London Borough of Sutton. Believed to be the first group of its kind in the UK, its first meeting came on Sunday 10 March when runners gathered at Sutton Arena Leisure Centre for a training session. The group's members - all with a visual impairment - vary from those who simply want to get fitter by taking up running, to already established runners wanting to improve their racing times.

There will be a weekly session, open to all blind and visually impaired runners or joggers who wish to come along, every Sunday morning from 11am until 12pm at Beddington Park in Sutton. A pick-up service can also be arranged from Wallington Station to Beddington Park for those requiring it.

Former BVI paralympian Roy Smith MBE, chair of Metro Blind Sport who helped put on the event in partnership with Run England, said: "The day included a very enjoyable running session, with a variety of drills, excellent indoor facilities and good guide runners."

Chris Husbands, an experienced BVI coach who also led the session, said: "It was a brilliant and enthusiastic start to what I'm sure will become a successful running group. Both guide runners and participants took part in warm ups and drills, then on to some key skills in techniques which will help them progress both safely and confidently for the way forward, and I'm sure this will be a key moment for BVI runners now to build on a great start."

For more info or to register for this group please contact Jake Waldron, Run England Activator at jwaldron@englandathletics.org or 07540 704 347.