3 Jul

Nine Reasons To Run Windsor

Just in case the presence of 6,000 fellow runners, the fabulous background of Windsor Castle and the iconic view down the tree-lined Long Walk were not motivation enough, organisers of the Meridian Windsor Half Marathon and Boudavida Women's 10K have published their top nine reasons to run each distance.

Boudavida Women's 10K takes place on Saturday 23 September at 10am and last year there were 879 finishers in 1:54:07. Many inexperienced runners may still be on the fence regarding entering a race that is twice the distance of their local parkrun, but the persuasive Boudavida organisers reckon this is not the time for procrastination – it’s now or never!

The 10k is perfectly achievable if you can currently manage 5k fairly easily. The support of other runners and the crowd will get you to the finish line and your recovery time will be quicker so there is no need to schedule a long rest period before you return to shorter runs. However, the hidden benefit is that having completed one or more 10k races the 5k will no longer seem so daunting and your times may well improve due to the stamina gained from the extra training.

Meridian Windsor Half Marathon starts at 10am on Sunday 24 September and this is the flagship event of the Run Windsor weekend. Having dipped a toe in the water at 10k, many runners will be thinking of taking the next step and doubling the distance again, plus a bit, to 13.1 miles. Clearly the half is also a stepping stone towards a full marathon. In 2016 there were 4,408 finishers in 4:12:23 at Windsor.

The Run Windsor team reckon that running longer distances has been linked with emotional wellbeing and extra time spent on the road or trail enables runners to enjoy more of their surroundings. The greater distance is also inspirational, both to the runner and to supporters and friends, which helps with charity donations!

To read reasons to run 10k click here and for motivation to train for a half marathon click here. Race information is available at the runABC listings.