21 Feb

His Royal Spryness!

Prince Harry on the runPrince Harry is no stranger to lycra and trainers as he is the driving force behind the Invictus Games and former nemesis of the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, although the latter result may have been due to a false start in their much publicised match-up in Jamaica in 2012!

Now the athletic prince has used his talents to support a London-based charity that aims to improve the life chances of young homeless people through sport and running. The Running Charity has partnered with ASICS and is staffed by committed sports and running enthusiasts who have all seen the benefits of disciplined training on chaotic young lives.
Prince Harry joined a group of homeless youngsters, charity workers and a very fit protection officer for a 20-minute jog in Willesden, North London recently, causing quite a stir among residents and even some motorists who stopped to capture the moment.
Programmes officer, Claude Umuhire, took the group through a tough warm-up session before leading the more gentle run. Having been impressed by Prince Harry he said: "He didn't find any of it hard, I think he's been training just for today! I tried to get him in the warm-up but he did pretty well. He kept giving me looks, though, every time I said five more squats."
Despite coping well with the run, however, the Prince suggested he might prefer a lighter form of exercise on future visits. As he left he noticed a pool table and joked: "Next time I will come and play pool, maybe."
Full details of the work carried out by The Running Charity is available here.