2 Nov

Run Geordie Run Battles Through Pain Barrier

Mark Allison with muscle cream

Mark Allison, aka Run Geordie Run, is battling through the pain barrier as he continues his 2,600 mile challenge across Australia. The Benfield Australia Run sees Mark run around 40 miles a day in the soaring heat of the Australian outback to raise funds for charity. It's been a tough week for the Englishman but he'll be getting a boost from checking the map and see in reaching Balladonia that he is more than halfway across Western Australia and that South Australia beckons.

Mark tweeted on Monday (28 October): "Feet are so sore. Internal pockets of fluid are forming as they did in the last few weeks of the run across the USA." Adding: "It's incredibly tough and very painful. Highlight will be making it onto longest straight stretch of road in the world tomorrow"

Helping boost morale from days eight to twelve were British ex-pats Melanie and John who unexpectedly joined Mark's support team. Despite bringing him food rations, Mark revealed that he's lost just over a stone since starting the challenge: "Lots of fat gone but muscle wastage too by the looks of it."

There was a 41 mile deficit on day 11, but Mark managed to bring this down to 24 miles by day 12 and remains upbeat of achieving his target: "The run across Australia is panning out exactly as I thought it would. I've just got to get through the painful times and dig in as best I can."

The event is being sponsored by Benfield Motor Group who have paid for an RV motor home to house and support Mark's team. To follow this incredible journey and also donate to either the Children's Foundation or the Bobby Robson Foundation go to Mark's blog.