1 May

Evesham Retailer Champions Dynamic Tape

Mel Betts demo of Dynamic Tape

Innovative Worcestershire retailer Run Stuff recently hosted the first public demonstration of Dynamic Tape in the UK presented by leading Midlands physiotherapist Mel Betts. Mel has over 20 years experience in elite sport, working with GB teams at two Olympic and three Commonwealth Games.

Mel demonstrated the difference between kinseology tape and Dynamic Tape explaining how Dynamic Tape is made from different material and can stretch in four different ways with exceptional recoil properties.  

Mel then used her audience to show a number of ways in which Dynamic Tape can be used for common running injuries.  She illustrated how dynamic tape works like a bungy creating a declaration force, absorbing load and reducing the work required by injured tissues.  It can also be used to change biomechanical movement patterns to help improve technique or form.

Dynamic Tape is now available to purchase both at the Run Stuff store in Evesham and online at the Run Stuff website.

For more information visit the Run Stuff website.