20 Aug

Run To The Beer

Run to the Beat

Sure Run to the Beat have confimed a new partner for next month’s 10k event at Wembley Park. The non-alcoholic beer which doubles as an isotonic drink, Erdinger Alkoholfrei is set to provide all participants a big energy boost at the event on Sunday 13 September.

Located at the 8.5 kilometre mark of the course, the PowerZone will be a key motivation point for participants as they approach the end of their run.

The zone will provide an awesome party atmosphere with a set from DJ Lemongrass, plus support from international sports commentator Mike Hamel and German cheerleading champions ‘Lunatics’ to give runners an added boost, getting them pumped up for the final stretch.

Of the partnership James Robinson, Managing Director of event organisers IMG Challenger World, said: “We work with Erdinger Alkoholfrei across a number of other events and they are renowned for getting the party started, keeping participants motivated and are therefore an ideal partner for Sure Run to the Beat in 2015.

“We’re really looking forward to seeing their PowerZone in action, providing that much needed boost to the runners at the 8.5k mark, getting them ready for what we’ve got in store for the Festival

Entries are still available to Sure Run to the Beat, head to the event website to sign-up now.