17 Dec

Running Numbers Up By One Third

Runners up by third

The number of people who run or who take part in organised athletics has risen by a third, according to latest figures from Sport England. The organisation's bi-annual Active People Survey reveals that over 2 million people in England aged 16 or over take part in some form of athletics on a weekly basis, up from 1.35m back in 2005.

The figures for athletics participation include jogging, cross country running, trail running, road running, track and field and ultra-running. The survey also reveal that swimming is just ahead of athletics as England's most popular sport with 2.9m participants, although that has dropped by 0.4m since 2005.

Cycling participation has soared to make it number 3 on the chart with just over 2 million regular participants, up by nearly 400,000 on eight years ago.