9 Mar

Stride Lab Soon To Be Up and Running

Saucony Stride LabSaucony has unveiled plans to launch an innovative lab that will assist retailers in proving a more in-depth analysis of runners’ unique stride characteristics. The Saucony Stride Lab will make its first appearance at the Leeds branch of Up and Running on 29 March, with the system being rolled out at other locations across the country.

The roots of the UK Saucony Stride Lab come from the Saucony Lab in Boston, where the team assesses every dynamic aspect of the runner in motion. Their research has revealed that the best product solutions come from looking at the runner’s entire stride, not just the moment of foot strike, so every shoe that comes out of the Saucony lab is designed to create a seamless connection between the runner and their footwear.

Saucony is keen to bring these findings to the UK and will begin this by launching their approach to gait analysis at the Up and Running Store in Leeds City Centre. The lab will consist of three high-speed cameras positioned to assess the runner's body position and running form. The cameras are synchronised by the software to capture a runner's stride from multiple views: the back, the front and the side.

On teaming up with Saucony, Jonathan Midwood, Up & Running’s General Manager, comments: “We have always aimed to be at the forefront of running shoe retail, and therefore the opportunity to work with key brands like Saucony on new and innovative services really excites us.  We want to help runners achieve their goals and to be able to work with them on their running needs. Stride Lab will help us to do that and enable more runners to achieve their goals.”

Further information on booking a place at the Saucony Stride Lab is available here. The lab will be open from 29 March until 8 April.