10 Aug

Six Physio

Six Physio

Six PhysioSix Physio is a leading independent physiotherapy & sports injury clinic, offering expert treatment in a range of services including Physio, Running Assessments and Sports Massage.

New injury or recurring niggle?
• A manual physio will work seamlessly with your rehab physio: you are an individual and will be given a tailored programme to get to the root cause of your problem.
•    It’s not about treating the symptoms; it’s about getting you to move correctly, improving your stability and control, but most of all preventing any future recurrences.

Would you like to run more efficiently and stay injury-free?
What you need is an hour’s biomechanical assessment with one of Six Physio’s running gurus! Following three simple sets these specialists can improve your style within the hour:
•    Video-motion analysis
•    Strength and conditioning
•    Tinkering your technique

They want you to run well, maximise your performance and stay injury-free.

Want to recover faster?
Sports massage has been proven to reduce recovery time, but how often you should have one depends on what you’re training for, or maybe you just need neck tension removing from your desk job!

Preparing for half marathon season?
Six Physio are offering 40% off running assessments – book by 13 August.Logo

Call Six Physio on 020 7036 0286 or visit sixphysio.com