6 Mar

Social Run Group With Up & Running

SRG outisde a bright Up & Running store

SRG outside a bright Up & Running store


SRG (social run group) powered by Up & Running, fuelled by you.

SRG is your local weekly run based from all of the Up & Running stores across the south of England, from Cheltenham to Surbiton, from Basingstoke to Cambridge.

Being part of SRG is free, fun and friendly. All abilities are welcome, bringing like-minded people together to enjoy every step with a smile on their face. Each group is encouraging and motivating with zero pressure. One community all striving for the same goal to get fit and stay healthy.

Each SRG meets at your local Up & Running store and we stick together on the routes, the faster runners loop back to the rear of the group and support every runner. The groups range from 10-120 runners and no-one gets left behind! The runs are led and supported by Up & Running staff. Our motto is #RunTogether  

More information for locations and times of SRG can be found online at the Up & Running's dedicated Find Your Next Run page.

SRG can be found at the following locations:

  1. Basingstoke
  2. Cambridge
  3. Cheltenham
  4. East Sheen
  5. Kingston upon Thames
  6. Milton Keynes
  7. Oxford
  8. Surbiton
  9. Southampton



  1. Margaret Rodie said...

    Is there one in Bristol. Don't see it on the list. Ma

  2. runABC South said...

    Hi Margaret

    Sorry. There isn't an SRG group from the Bristol shop but there are groups which run from the store on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Rick would be delighted to see you on either evening at 6.45. There are runs and paces to suit runners of different abilities.

    Any other questions email via the website and I'll respond promptly.

    Cheers, Terry