19 May

Spartan Flying High At Aston Down

Obstacle race series Spartan returns to Aston Down Airfield this weekend (20-21 May) with an expanded event list, featuring a Sprint (5k+, 20+ Obstacles), a Super (12K+, 24+ Obstacles) and their debut endurance event – the fabled Hurricane Heat - designed to instil the ‘warrior ethos’ in participants through team-based challenges, where one will learn non-traditional problem solving, find endurance under duress, and experience the power of synergy designed to show the connection between teamwork and success and that one drives the other on both a personal level and as a member of something greater than oneself.

The hilly terrain greatly increases the difficulty of the race. Many commented last year that the Super felt more like a Beast.

Participants are told to prepare for a relentless barrage of short climbs, alongside the traditional crawls, climbs and carries that make up our unique obstacle races. This will be the perfect training ground for Spartan’s Edinburgh event on 22-23 July, which might be even tougher. You will need to spend plenty of time training in the hills to get your body ready for this race and make to that finish line. Your legs will be screaming by the time you cross. If you love running up hills you will want to be at Aston Down.

For more information, visit the Spartan website.