13 Dec

Streakers And Sneakers

MarcothonAs we approach the midpoint of December, you may have noticed that a large number of runners have taken to streaking this month. There’s no nudity involved though – streaking as in running for a consecutive number of days.

People are doing so as part of the various challenges created to keep runners motivated in the final month of the year. We look at three of these challenges:

Marcothon involves running a minimum of three miles (of 30 minutes) every day in December. The challenge started in 2009 when ultra runner Marco Consani set himself the challenge of running every day in November. This inspired his wife Debbie to follow suit the next month. She named the challenge ‘Marcothon’ and, after blogging about it, several runners decided to join in. The challenge has since grown with thousands of runners from across the globe taking part.

Similar to Marcothon, AdventRunning involves running for a minimum of 30 minutes a day between 1–25 December. The challenge was created by triathlon coach James Poole and triathlon and mental performance coach Claudia Schroegel. The idea came about in 2014 after James realised he only had six weeks to train for an ultra marathon.

James explains: “I needed to commit to something radical and doing some sort of run every day was the only option. From then on I did AdventRunning every year, early season race or no race.” In the last two years, the challenge has grown with runners all over the world taking part.

#256Challenge was created last year by photographer and ultra runner Ian Corless. As the name suggests, it involves running 256 miles in December. For the first 16 days of the month you run the number of miles that correspond to the day – i.e. 1 mile on the 1st, 2 miles on the 2nd and 3 on the 4th etc. You continue this until 17 December when you go back down to 15 miles, then decrease the distance by a mile each day.

Ian says: “The advantage of the #256CHALLENGE is that it builds slowly, stresses you (and probably makes you overreach) and then allows you to step back down gradually, allowing for recovery and all in time for a serious blow out for the New Year!”

For more information visit the AdventRunning website, the Marcothon Facebook group, and the #256Challenge website.


  1. Steve Riley said...

    I'm joining a couple of friends for their 16 miler in the #256challenge on Friday, raising money for their homeless charity. It's a stiff challenge these next few days belting out half marathons day after day! I thought about briefly it and decided #moveeveryday was more achievable!