21 Oct

Strong Way To Running Improvement

runners doing a workout

Runners in Surrey training for a spring marathon or wanting to improve their times at 10k or half marathon may be interested in a new four week course on strength training for endurance runners. The course is offered by the University of Surrey at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford and is designed to teach individuals about general and runner-specific exercises, and how to create an effective strength training programme.

Course organisers say: "Many endurance runners avoid weights because of fear of bulking or feeling heavy. However, strength training is a smart supplement to a runner's programme because it aids muscles and joint strength, which can make you faster, stronger and less injury-prone.

"If you design your weight lifting programme properly, you can gain strength without bulking. Adding the strength you get from a weight lifting programme can also help maintain good running form even when fatigued. In addition, lifting movements can provide a greater range of motion than running, therefore, if you lift with good form throughout the entire range of motion then you won't lose any flexibility and could even gain more flexibility."

The four week course starts on Wednesday 6 November (7.30-9.00pm). For more details call 01483 689111 or email the University of Surrey.