6 Jul

The Full Monte

Training camp in Monte Gordo

UKA endurance performance coach, Gordon Robertson, has teamed up with Move Run, the international sports tourism and event management company, to offer runners the chance to attend a training camp at the Vila Real de Santo António Olympic Training Centre in Monte Gordo (Portugal). The event gives runners a total of nine days away - seven in Monte Gordo and an optional two days in Lisbon for a half marathon - starting from 28 September until 6 October.

MoveRun said: "The goal of the programme is to provide the best opportunity to all athletes who wish to take road, track and cross country training seriously. This seven day athletics camp offers athletes the unique opportunity to experience training for a full week with a highly experienced athletics coach and gain an insight into the best coaching techniques and assistance available."

The camp will be split into two groups with one taking a full week's intensive training and option to watch the Rock 'n' Roll Portugal half marathon, and the other doing a full week's preparation before competing in the event.

Participants must be at least 18 years old. Sessions at the camp will involves drills, technique evaluation and correction for running as well as comprehensive classroom instruction on key training aspects to ensure greater knowledge on all facets of running.

For more information visit the Move Run website or email info@movesports.com.