8 Dec

Viking Run Coming

One of Scandinavia’s most popular obstacle events is coming to the UK. Toughest will take place on Saturday 23 April at Pippingford Park in East Sussex. Organisers expect participation numbers to reach over 5,000.  
The event will also act as a qualifier for the Obstacle Racing World Championships. For those who are not familiar with Pippingford Park, the venue is hilly, muddy and wet and therefore provides naturally challenging terrain, making it an easy choice for an obstacle course race.
The 8km course will be made up of as many as 40 different new and innovative obstacles to give even the most seasoned OCR runner something new to try. Toughest’s unique take on obstacle racing primarily focuses on the use of scaffolding to create a multi-tiered event course, with participants going from obstacle to obstacle both at ground level and at a range of elevated heights. 
Some of Toughest’s signature big obstacles include the trademarked ‘Dragons Back’, which involves participants jumping between five platforms placed 2.5 metres above the ground. There is also the ‘Super Slide’, a five story water slide which has an upwards ramp at the end to propel racers into the air before they fall back down into the cold water below.
A new concept from Toughest is the introduction of penalty rounds and fast lanes. If participants fail to complete an obstacle marked with a penalty round, or don’t feel confident in your ability to complete that obstacle, racers will have to run on average an additional distance of 200 metres. 
OCR pros, or those who feel like making the challenge tougher still, can opt for the ‘fast lane’ route, which offers participants a more challenging version of the obstacle. 
Organisers are keen to point out that this race is open to runners of all abilities and those who just want to have fun with friends. According to organisers Toughest strives to be the best in size, construction and number of obstacles per race, making it possible to build obstacles that will challenge a determined athlete, particularly via the ‘fast lane’ routes, without frightening a beginner. 
Entry to the 2016 London event is now open and costs £75 per person. This price increases on January 1 to £85 and then again on March the 20th, to £95. To enter online for the event please visit the event website