16 May

Time To Register Your Interest

Know The RulesJust like any other sport there are rules and regulations governing running when it comes to competition. Those who join a club or who wish to take the next step towards competing at a higher level should be aware of the new requirements and benefits regarding individual athlete registration.

The recently issued and consolidated International Association of Athletics Federations/UK Athletics Rules came into force in April 2016. One change that runABC highlighted relates to the clarification regarding using headphones. Another important issue is athlete registration. This is now mandatory in all four National Association areas, with exceptions for 'unattached' runners competing in road, fell, hill, mountain and trail races and parkruns that remain outside the scope of these requirements.

The relevant section is Rule 21, which reads: ‘All competitions under the rules of UKA and Domestic Competitions held under IAAF Rules are confined to eligible athletes as defined by these rules. All athletes in Age Groups covered by these Rules (Age Group Under-13 upwards) must be registered with their National Association and comply with their terms and conditions, including payment’.

This means that club members competing in events held under UKA Rules must have paid their individual athlete registration fee to the relevant national area (currently £13 per annum in England). Non-club members may compete but must pay the 'unattached' levy with their entry fee.

Registration is renewable in April and athletes have until 30 June to comply, after which they will be considered ineligible and could be disqualified. Among the many benefits of registration are discounts at retailers, full insurance cover and reduced entry fees. It is well worth spending a little time checking on your status and considering whether registration is relevant and worthwhile in your circumstances.

For more details on athlete registration visit England Athletics’ website

UK Athletics Rules are available here