12 Jan

Weight Training Or Waiting To Train?

Weight LifterMany runners consider lifting weights or performing strength training exercises to be a poor use of valuable training time, despite evidence that these activities can enhance performance and lower injury risk. Now experts at St Mary's University, Twickenham, are asking for help in understanding the current training habits of runners.

There is very little known about the extent to which distance runners use strength training and conditioning exercises to supplement their training so a research group at St Mary's has designed a simple survey.

Whether you use strength and conditioning in your programme or not, your views are equally important. The main purpose of the study is to discover which types of runners use these techniques and which methods are the most popular.

Equally important is understanding where, when and how runners use strength and conditioning in their training, where they obtain their advice on this aspect of their overall fitness programmes and what can be done to improve the specialist advice that is available.

The anonymous survey is open to all distance runners of any standard aged 15 and above. runABC South reporter Alan Newman completed the survey inside 10 minutes and already feels fitter as a result of the reflection alone!

Further details can be obtained by email to Richard Blagrove

The direct link to the survey is here