13 May

Virtual Runners Smash It!

Virtual Runner 5kThe Virtual Runner has just launched its inaugural event with great success on the Isle of Wight. Newport resident and running novice, Dave Smith, realised how expensive travel and entry fees were so he hit on the idea of virtual running, where bling can be gained and funds raised for charity.

The first event was the ‘Smash It! 5K’ and in a fusion between the virtual world and reality the first run included local running group the Love Running Tuesday Nighters, who decided to hold an actual 5k run with 30 members earning their medals instantly on 10 May.

Virtual running enables anyone of any age, every ability and in any location to participate at a time of their choosing. The idea is to encourage participation in running and improve individuals’ health, giving people goals and helping them achieve their ambitions.

Bespoke medals are awarded as recognition for a job well done and at the same time each run also helps to raise money for charity, with 10% of all profits being donated to good causes.

Dave Smith started running when his application for the 2014 London Marathon was accepted. From never running a step he has progressed to completing a 33.5 mile ultra-marathon. Dave designs the medals himself and has themed events lined up for the next few months including Monster 10 in June; Despicable Dash in July and Just D’oh It in August.

To find out more visit Virtual Runner.