12 Oct

Marathon Crazy This Weekend

Statue of Pheidippedes

Looks like we have gone marathon crazy this weekend in the south of England and further afield. At this time of year the autumn marathon season is in full swing and our near obsession with running the somewhat peculiar distance of 42.195 kilometres (or 26.219 miles) reaches its zenith.


Certainly the pursuit of the holy grail of a sub-two-hour marathon and the resultant publicity has raised the profile of this event. Then there is the history attached to the origins of the race, named after the legend of Pheidippides, the unfortunate Greek messenger, who supposedly ran non-stop from the Battle of Marathon to Athens to proclaim victory over the Persians in 490 BC before expiring. 
Thousands of runners will be following in Pheidippides' footsteps on Sunday (15 October) but hopefully their post race experience will be rather more pleasant than the fate that befell our battlefield hero! 
On Sunday marathon runners have a straight choice between the hilly, rural road challenge of Maidstone Marathon in Kent or the multi-terrain countryside route of Eden Project Marathon in Cornwall.
However, it is overseas where the main action takes place this weekend with spectacular marathons at Reims and Vannes in France; Lake Garda and Chianti in Italy; Budapest, Hungary; Palma de Mallorca, Spain; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Rock 'n Roll Lisbon, Portugal; Detroit, USA and Niagara Falls, Canada.  
Full details of many of these events are available in the comprehensive runABC South race listings brought to you in association with Sports Tours International, where you can plan your own marathon odyssey and make a little bit of history yourself.