2 Nov

Bonfire Burn Up This Weekend?

Rocket racer goes into a full frontal slide on water slide

A look at runABC South race listings for this Guy Fawkes night weekend has revealed very few themed events and one red herring. Perhaps our collective memory is playing tricks on us but were there more 'bonfire burn-up' races back in the day?

The Halloween theme is maintained this Friday night (3 November) at Ghost Race 666 at Lakeside North Harbour, Portsmouth, starting after dark at 7:00pm. This will be the sixth running of this spooky 5-miler that takes runners on a scary tour of Hilsea Lido and Foxes Forest. Head torches are compulsory and expect to encounter swamp monsters, zombies and floating skeletons before collecting your bespoke ghostly medal, Devil Buff and toffee apple.
Saturday's Rocket Race at Toomer Farm, Henstridge, Somerset got our childhood memories of exciting firework displays flooding back but it seems the term 'Rocketeers' is the collective noun for enthusiasts who complete the 30-plus obstacles on the 8km course. 'Rocketeers' of the future have their own Ultm8 Warrior Space Cadets race and despite only being 'launched' in 2015 the event has already gathered numerous Mudstacle accolades. This is clearly an event that is more about obstacles than running and the course is designed by OCR lovers for OCR lovers. Rocket Race is fully sold out for this year and is already taking entries for 2018.
We did find an old fashioned, multi-terrain 10k with a suitably fiery medal design and race title in the Bonfire Burn 10K organised by The Friends of Histon and Impington Recreation Ground near Cambridge. This race has been going for seven years and regularly attracts 1,000 runners who enjoy the countryside route and village community atmosphere. Although registrations have closed the race website promises that late entries will be accommodated where possible.
Wherever you are running this weekend, runABC South's advice is not to go off like a rocket and finish like a damp squib. And we will be on the lookout for anyone called Catherine Wheel or Roman Candle in our comprehensive race results brought to you in association with Sports Tours International!
Image courtesy Rocket Race 2017