Not ready for your first race yet? Why not take a look at our beginners schedules to help you get started with expert advice from jog leader Christine Appel?

Training Schedules

Getting your training right is important - do too much and you risk injury, too little and you risk embarrassment on race day! Here at runABC South we have come up with training schedules that are easy to follow and will keep you motivated in the run up to your race. Starting with our 5K training schedule, you will see a difference in your ability after a few short weeks and 10 weeks later will find yourself in peak condition and raring to go. From there you can progress through to a 10K where our schedule will take you from race rookie to 10K champ!

Marathon Training Schedules

Half Marathon Training Schedules


Top Training Tips

runABC South has some great advice for getting the most out of your running.


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